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The «Winds of Change" company took part in the «Modern technologies and equipment for the processing of fruits and vegetables" conference in the framework of the "AGROPRODMASH 2014" exhibition.


The ethnographic study of mobile Internet users completed.

The research examined the different age and social groups of Internet users. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods allowed to solve effectively all the tasks and helped to develop a strategy to work with service users.


The study of B2B dairy products consumers in the CFD was completed.

The research allowed to determine the major consumer groups' shares, to build consumption forecast for the nearest future, to assess the seasonality of consumption and the main reasons for products supplier choosing.


The Russian market of metal detectors research was finished.

The project was aimed at assessing the current state of the market and forecast its future development. Due to the tightening of the law on the use of metal detectors the sales of new products significantly fell and market share of used metal detectors and related products increased. The study allowed optimizing promotion ways and identifying the most promising consumers groups.


Starting the floor coverings market in the commercial segment research.

The study is planned to examine the size and market capacity, identify promising consumer groups, assess the competitors and market development in the regions.


Completion of the private medical centers market study.

During the research most promising segments of the private sector of medicine were identified, the consumption of medical equipment by year, consumer segments, types of equipment and brands was delivered. Also a short-term forecast of development of the private sector of medicine was built together with the structure of consumption modeling.


Completion of B2B consumers of chemical fertilizers (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) study.

During the project the information about the consumption features and use of different types of users (agriculture, industry) was obtained, factors of products choice were identified. Much attention was paid to the study of basic brands preferences, methods of delivery and payment.


The launch of the research on the popularity of the brand in the segment of electrical products (plastic pipe, metal, cable channels, etc.).

The research is aimed at developing an effective trademark promotion plans, defining the methods and tools of promotion.


The launch of the pneumatic tools market study.

During the research it is planned a detailed study of consumers (structure, demand assessment, requirements and preferences, etc.), analysis of the competitive situation, the definition of the main market indicators.


The launch of a research on the market of loading equipment.

During the research it is planned to interview B2B technology customers in the breakdown by FD to identify the main preferences of companies, factors of choice of the equipment, working experience with service centers. Consumers’ plans for future purchases will be studied as well. During the research a special attention will be paid to trends on the market of second-hand equipment.


Participation in the MOSSHOES exhibition


Completion of B2B customers of logistics services project.

At the end of the project, in addition to the other tasks, the key groups of consumers of logistics services were identified as well as their preferences, the shares of total consumption. The most popular types of logistics services, market trends were identified, the main competitive advantages of the players were studied, an optimal portfolio of services when dealing with different types of consumers was made.


Project on the office furniture market was launched.